Opportunity Analysis, Business Plan, Proforma

NexGen structures its Research, Market Analysis, and Proforma offerings in an “a la carte” menu of services, all backed by the NexGen team of experts. This structure allows clients to choose what kind of research services they need, at the time they are needed. Additionally, it allows business owners to capitalize on their own experience, and focus their funds specifically on research areas where our assistance can be most valuable. NexGen acts as a “strategic analysis partner” to provide the services needed to minimize risk and provide assurances.

Demographic Study

Research and conduct a geographic and demographic study of existing markets

Viability Projections

Analyze your project’s viability based on expense projections and revenue potential

Revenue Recommendations

Identify and recommend potential revenue streams

Proforma Generation

Create Proforma of your specific financial model and metrics for business lines

Financial Presentation

Assist in presenting your Business Plan to potential investors and bankers to secure funding