Organizational Structure, Hiring Plan, Policies, and Procedures

NexGen structures its Operations, Hiring Plan, and Training offerings in an “a la carte” menu of services, all backed by the NexGen team of experts. This structure allows clients to choose what kind of operations services they need, at the time they are needed. Additionally, it allows business owners to capitalize on their own experience, and focus their funds specifically on areas where our assistance can be most valuable. NexGen acts as a “strategic planning partner” to provide the services needed to minimize risk and provide assurances.

Timeline Planning

Create Business Start-up Timeline including construction target dates, equipment and inventory ordering, licensing/permits recommendations, hiring objectives, marketing, etc

Personnel Advisement

Construct a hiring strategy with the number of employees you need, organize payroll, and scheduling suggestions

Growth & Management

Develop an Organizational Chart, Roles and Responsibilities Documents, and measurable goals for each position and department

Range & Employees

Create Employee Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and Checklists for Retail, Range, and Training Departments, Range Safety Rules, Waivers for both shooters and class students, Safety and Health Training Manual, Emergency Action Plan and additional organizational documents