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What We Do

We Work With You To Create Plans, Design Facilities, and Develop Operation Plans For Your Range

Today’s shooters are looking for quality, customer-service focused ranges that offer options tailored to complement their varied skill levels. Many potential range owners are struggling with the overwhelming number of decisions to be made regarding funding, organization, and implementation of the various aspects of developing a range. Local, state and national laws and regulations can also make building or expanding facilities a confusing and daunting task.

Research: Market Analysis, Proforma

Planning: Business Plan, Feasibility Study

Construction: Facility Design, Construction Advising

Pre-Open: Organizational Structure, Policies, and Procedures

Retail: Inventory Management, Merchandising

Operations: Hiring Plan, Training

Membership: Development and Execution

Events: Private, Corporate, Public Event Business

Food & Beverage: Cafe, Snack, Restaurant

Financials: Quarterly/Annual Reviews

Acquisitions: Due Diligence, Go Forward Plans

Legacy: Business Valuations, Exit Strategies

NexGen is an NSSF “Range Action Specialist”

Working with NexGen Range Consulting is a seamless process when starting a range or with an existing range.

Starting a Range?

NexGen has helped countless Range/Retailers start from ideas all the way through construction and grand opening.

Already have a Range?

Ready to take your Range/Retail to the next level? NexGen audits can find opportunities across all your business elements.

Strategic Consulting

Understand your profit centers and explore new ways to grow your overall profitability as a range.


NexGen has Clients in 48 States, 6 countries,

and growing!

NexGen Range Consulting understands the amount of time, money, and energy business owners are investing to develop “next generation” gun ranges. From first-hand experience gained creating facilities, as well as assisting clients to develop ranges across the country, NexGen knows the myriad challenges that come with building a shooting range that incorporates multiple profit centers and has discovered the success that a comes from creating a facility with diverse revenue streams.





Main Line Armory

It was an absolute pleasure working with NextGen Range Consulting on our intricate project. Navigating through the complexities of financial planning and location scouting over a span of two years, we were fortunate to have Jeff and his team at our side. They provided invaluable insights into our addressable market and demystified the potential costs associated with each location option we explored. Having NextGen Range Consulting in our corner gave us the financial clarity and confidence we needed to move forward. Highly recommended for anyone in need of comprehensive range consulting services.

– Katie Butler
Owner, Main Line Armory

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We look forward to discussing the opportunity to assist you as we share your passion for shooting sports and want to help introduce the next generation of game-changing facilities to the mainstream public. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the contents of this menu or would like to have a conference call to discuss your needs and possible future engagement.